Message to the Ethiopian authorities

Egypt is trying (unsuccessfully) to hinder your Grand Renaissance Dam Project that will enhance sustainable development in Ethiopia arguing that it will have negative impacts on Egypt such as lack of water and electricity generated by the High Dam of Egypt.

If you pay a quick visit to Egypt and just walk in the streets you will find a tremendous number of water wasting cases such as immersing cars with potable water in car washing stations or points (most of them are unlicensed) and showering the streets with potable water hoses by the buildings inhabitants or the things they call coffee shops (once again, most of them are unlicensed), and there are so many of them (almost every 20 meters you find one) and no one prohibits all this.

Also, you will find small shops below the lighting columns of the streets stealing the electric current from the columns and no one prohibits them.

I recommend that you start with Tersa Street in Alharam following the Governorate of Giza and you will find so many of such cases, just photograph them and this will be an irrevocable evidence supporting your claims.


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